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place Sweden
Subject performance of 'I am Praying for You'
agent Unknown Swedish boy
is_reported_in My Life and Sacred Songs
time the 1800's
has_evidence_text A young man who came from Sweden writes : " ' I Am Praying for You ' was the first Moody and Sankey hymn I ever heard. It was on a cold winter night up in the land of the midnight sun, more than a quarter of a century ago. Two evangelists had come to the neighbourhood, but found it difficult to get a place in which to hold their meetings. At last a poor woman opened for them her log house, consisting of two rooms. From house to house the meetings were announced. I was a small boy, and out of curiosity I attended the first meeting. About twenty people were present, seated on chairs borrowed from the neighbours. At one end of the low, dark room the evangelists were seated, by a small table on which two home-made candles were burning. After one of the evangelists had led in prayer, he said to the other, ' Sing one of Sankey's hymns.' Upon which he sang this now well-known hymn, ' I am Praying for You,' accompanying himself on a guitar.
has_medium Medium.Live
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