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has_evidence_text Thursday, the 22nd, the day of our first concert...We dined at 3 o'clock, and drove to the Town Hall at a quarter to 8. We were rather curious to learn how the public would like us, and were glad to find a very full room, representing 243L. 18s. Lord and Lady Hopetoun arrived punctually to the minute, the accompanist playing 'God Save the Queen' vigorously on the piano as they entered. "When they were seated I mounted the platform to play the Waldstein sonata, and was received with much and prolonged applause, which was renewed vehemently after each movement, and at the end I was recalled twice. Wilma's first piece, the 'Fantaisie Caprice,' created a perfect furore, and she was recalled four times. She was in excellent form, and I really believe that I never had heard her play so well, with such grace, such passion, such marvellous perfection, and such mastery. It was a thing to be remembered, and no wonder that the public was amazed. The whole concert was a grand triumph, and made us think that we are quite safe here.
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is_reported_in Life and letters of Sir Charles Hall��; being an autobiography (1819-1860)
time May, 1890