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is_reported_in Duke Ellington: Music is my Mistress
agent Duke Ellington
time 1972
Subject performance of ''Night Creature''
place Manila
has_evidence_text [W]e are to play two concerts with the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Redentor Romero [in Manila, Philippines, 1972], who is a violinist and a brilliant musician. We, of course, are soon calling him "Red" Romero! The performances are given in a brand-new arts center, a concrete masterpiece of the kind one finds in all the principal cities nowadays. There are a couple of rehearsals, and at the actual performances I conduct Harlem. We also play "Non-Violent Integration" and conclude with Night Creature. One of the great moments occurs in the second movement of the last. On our record of it, there is a violin solo by Ray Nance, and Red Romero has memorized it, absolutely perfectly. For such a virtuoso as he is to do a retake on the original solo is really a magnificent compliment to Raymond.
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