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place Prague
is_reported_in Duke Ellington: Music is my Mistress
agent Duke Ellington
time 1969
Subject performance of 'female voice and guitar'
has_evidence_text After the concert [in Prague] and the autograph routine��� I find about eight people have attached themselves to me. They follow me upstairs and right into [my hotel room]���. I feel so good, just to think that these kids from Russia know about us. I spend the next half hour talking, pantomiming compliments and good wishes. They make it known that they too are musicians, all playing in a special company. They tell me who plays what, and the girl sings and plays guitar for us. It is a pleasurable and informative encounter. They want to know why we have not been to Russia, and I explain it is only because we have not been invited. "Please fix it," I say. Next day, when I see Paul Gonsalves on the plane, he says, "Hey, Maestro, when are we going to Russia? Beautiful cats, man!"
has_medium Medium.Live
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pages 381-382
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Type Experience