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is_reported_in Duke Ellington: Music is my Mistress
time the 1960's
agent Duke Ellington
place Bas��lica de Santa Mar��a del Mar
has_evidence_text [We performed, in the 1960���s] the ���Sacred Concert��� in Barcelona's ancient Church of Santa Maria del Mar. The audience in Barcelona entered into the spirit of the finale, burst into the aisles, and joined in the dancing��� The choir in Barcelona, which later came to sing with us in Orange, had a flavor all its own because of the way its members pronounced the English words��� In both Paris and Barcelona the Swingle Singers were part of our Sacred Concerts. The capper was the concert we did in Barcelona, where Alice Babs rejoined us. She took ten curtain calls, and when we went into the handdance bit the audience rose up and seemed on the verge of dancing down the aisles with Tony Watkins. The choir there was the greatest, and our sacred concert hit a new and unforgettable high.
has_medium Medium.Live
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Type Experience