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is_reported_in Duke Ellington: Music is my Mistress
agent Duke Ellington
place Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
time 19 January, 1968
has_evidence_text [The Cathedral of St John���s the Divine, NY] is reputed to be the biggest cathedral in the world, and it was packed with over seven thousand people on January 19 [1968]. They gave us a wonderful reception [of the Sacred Caoncert] and their excitement as two companies of dancers swung down the aisle in the finale, "Praise God and Dance," was tremendous. I had persuaded Alice Babs to come over from Stockholm, and her superb interpretations of "Almighty God Has Those Angels," "Heaven," and "T.G.T.T." enchanted everyone. The complete confidence I had in her was more than justified. Not only did she read the difficult "T.G.T.T." at sight, but her helpfulness and ardor were an inspiration to all the other performers. Cootie Williams' performance of "The Shepherd" was also received with great acclamation, despite the unusual idiom he employed. I am sure that few church congregations can have been familiar with the use of the plunger mute, but this one took it in stride.
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Comment Duke Ellington comments that ' "T.G.T.T" means "Too Good to Title", because it violates conformity in the same way, we like to think, that Jesus Christ did. The phrases never end on the note you think they will. It is a piece even instrumentalists have trouble with'.