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has_evidence_text Yudina saw Mussorgsky as a purely religious composer. But Mussorgsky isn���t Bach, after all, and it���s a rather controversial reading, I think. And then there was the business of reading poetry at her concerts. Either you play or you read poetry, not both. I realize that she read Pasternak, and at a time when he was banned. But nonetheless, the whole thing reminded me of a ventriloquist���s act. And naturally they result of the famous readings ��� between Bach and Beethoven, I think ��� was another huge scandal in the series of Yudina���s scandals.
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agent Dmitri Shostakovich
place Russia
time in the beginning of the 1900's
Subject performance of 'Mussorgsky's works'
is_reported_in Testimony- The memoirs of Shostakovich, as related to & edited by Solomon Volkov