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agent Dmitri Shostakovich
time the 1900's
Subject performance of 'Petrouchka'
is_reported_in Testimony- The memoirs of Shostakovich, as related to & edited by Solomon Volkov
has_evidence_text Stravinsky is one of the greatest composers of our time and I truly love many of his works. My earliest and most vivid impression of Stravinsky���s music is related to the ballet Petrouchka. I saw the Kirov Theatre of Leningrad production many times, and I tried never to miss a performance. (Unfortunately, I haven���t heard the new edition of Petrouchka for a smaller orchestra; I���m not sure that it is better than the earlier one.) Since then this marvellous composer has invariably been at the centre of my attention, and I not only studied and listened to his music, but I played it and made my own transcriptions as well.
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