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agent Dmitri Shostakovich
time the 1900's
Subject performance of 'Shostakovich's Symphonies'
is_reported_in Testimony- The memoirs of Shostakovich, as related to & edited by Solomon Volkov
has_evidence_text I hate Toscanini. I���ve never heard him in a concert hall, but I���ve heard enough of his recordings. What he does to music is terrible in my opinion. He chops it up into a hash and then pours a disgusting sauce over it. Toscanini ���honoured��� me by conducting my symphonies. I heard those records, too, and they���re worthless. / I���ve read about Toscanini���s conducting style and his manner of conducting a rehearsal. The people who describe this disgraceful behaviour are for some reason delighted by it. I simply can���t understand what they find delightful. / I think it���s outrageous, not delightful. He screams and curses the musicians and makes scenes in the most shameless manner. The poor musicians have to put up with all this nonsense or be sacked. And they even begin to see ���something in it���. (���) Toscanini sent me his recording of m Seventh Symphony and hearing it made me very angry. Everything is wrong. The spirit and the character and the tempi. It���s a sloppy, hack job. I wrote him a letter expressing my views. I don���t know if he ever got it; maybe he did and pretended not to ��� that would be completely in keeping with his vain and egoistic style. / Why do I think that Toscanini didn���t let it be known that I wrote to him? Because much later I received a letter from America: I was elected to the Toscanini Society! They must have thought that I was a great fan of the maestro���s. / I began receiving records on a regular basis: all new recordings by Toscanini. My only comfort is that at least I always have a birthday present handy. Naturally, I wouldn���t give something like that to a friend. But to an acquaintance-why not? It pleases them and it���s less trouble for me. That���s one of life���s most difficult problems- what to give for a birthday or anniversary to a person you don���t particularly like, don���t know very well, and don���t respect. / Conductors are too often rude and conceited tyrants. And in my youth I often had to fight fierce battles with them, battles for my music and my dignity.
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