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place Florida
is_reported_in Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story
Subject Big Band
time 1946
agent Lucky Millinder
has_evidence_text Lucky Millinder is a big name in the music business in 1946. And one day he and his big band happen to blow into Orlando for a gig. Some cat suggests that I go over and audition for him. Baby, I'm ready. I've been listening to Lucky for years, and I like his sound. His band's got a real snap. I also like Sister Rosetta Tharpe who's singing with him back then. "That's All," I remember, is a smash hit. I decide to give it a shot��� It's my first attempt to go with a national outfit, and I'm pretty confident��� After all, everyone's been telling me how good I am��� I go over to the club. And there he is, just sitting in a chair and waiting for me to play. So I do, I sing a couple of songs, I play a couple of tunes. I give it all I got. And when I'm through, I just sit there, waiting for the verdict. Lucky is straight with me; he doesn't mince words: "Ain't good enough, kid." "W-w-w-what?" I stammer. "You heard me. You don't got what it takes." No one��� had ever said that to me before. And for a self-assured little motherfucker like me, that was a very heavy blow. I just wasn't prepared for out-and-out cold rejection��� I met Lucky again years later, after I had done some things on my own, and talked about what had happened. He explained his feelings to me in a way which made sense, particularly considering the times.
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