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place Spain
is_reported_in Letters of composers : an anthology, 1603-1945 / compiled and edited by Gertrude Norman and Miriam Lubell Shrifte.
Subject performance of 'malaguñas / soledas / zapatéados / peteneras'
time at the end of 1882
agent Emmanuel Chabrier
has_evidence_text Every night, with Alice [Chabrier's wife] , we make the rounds of the café-concerts where they sing the malaguñas, the soledas, the zapatéados and the peteneras; then the dances, which are positively Arabian, that sums it up. If you could see them wriggling their rear ends, twisting and squirming, I don’t think you’d care to leave. At Málaga the thing got so strong I had to get my wife out of there, it wasn’t even funny.
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Type Experience
Comment Letter from Emmanuel Chabrier to Édouard Moullé, Granada, November 4, 1882.