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place Leipzig
Subject performance of 'Symphony in B flat, op. 38'
is_reported_in Letters of composers : an anthology, 1603-1945 / compiled and edited by Gertrude Norman and Miriam Lubell Shrifte.
agent Robert Schumann
time at the end of 1845
has_evidence_text You must now be well in the middle of my symphony [Symphony in B flat, op. 38. Mendelssohn was conductor of the Gewandhaus concerts in Leipzig]. Do you still remember the first rehearsal of it in the year 1841 - and the stopped trumpets and horns at the beginning? It sounded as if the orchestra had a cold in its head; I can’t help laughing when I think of it. And now let me thank you for again thinking about my piece and again taking trouble over it. It is with the greatest pleasure that I think of that first evening’s performance. How beautifully it went, better that I have ever heard it since! I might perhaps repeat the experience tomorrow, but I dare not come.
has_medium Medium.Live
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Comment Letter from Robert Schumann to Felix Mendelssohn, Dresden, October 22, 1845.