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place London
agent William Gardiner
is_reported_in Music and Friends: Or, Pleasant Recollections of a Dilettante
time the 1800's
has_evidence_text Mr. [Ferdinand] Ries did me the favour to introduce me to a rehearsal of new music at the Philharmonic Society, and left me, saying he should soon return. On the first pause of the instruments one of the directors inquired how I came to be admitted, and was told that Mr. Ries had just left me. I was told that on no consideration could I be permitted to remain in the room, as no one was allowed to be present but the author of the piece then performing. As a favour I was finally desired to retire into one of the boxes, and draw the curtain before me. My friend shortly returned, and apologised for the scrape into which he had unwittingly drawn me. I replied, I was more than compensated by hearing a new symphony of Beethoven���s rehearsed, that had given me great delight.
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Type Experience
Comment Mr. Ferdinand Ries was a German composer, but also a friend, pupil and secretary of Ludwig van Beethoven