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has_environment Environment.Accompanied
has_evidence_text And Now It is all over! I am sitting up in bed alone. All (or most of) the others have gone to a Debate, but I haven't because I'm so tired. Mummy, Pop, & Beth & the car arrived at 2.15, & they are staying the night at the Feathers. I go out for a drive with Beth & Mummy, to Cromer & then come home for tea at the F. Then we go to the Recital. It goes very badly! My thing is not [Britten crosses out the word 'not'] quite well appreciated but not understood Dr Hendrie is ill & doesn't sing my song! I go back to dinner at Feathers & return in time for prayers 8.30
has_medium Medium.Live
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Type Experience
agent Benjamin Britten
is_reported_in Diary of Benjamin Britten, March 1 1930
place Holt, Norfolk
time 1 March, 1930