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agent Thomas twining
is_reported_in Thomas Twining to Richard Twining, Bitteswell, 23 July, 1792
place Bitteswell
time 22 July, 1792
has_evidence_text Yesterday I preached here in the morning, & (after a good peck) went with my landlord to Cotesbatch, & preached about idle words to Dr. Marriott, after a great treat on the harpsichord by Miss Greatorex, who was come thither, luckily, to teach. The good people were so civil as to press us to drink tea with them, so after dinner we all went & had a very pleasant afternoon, & I took my fiddle & accompanied (do you hear, Richard?) Miss G. & the two Miss Marriotts, who play well, very well indeed. I assure you this was a treat to me, especially as it was quite unexpected.
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Type Experience