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has_evidence_text I went to King Arthur last night, which is exceeding fine... the inchanted part of the play, is not Machinery, but actual magick: the second scene is a British temple enough to make one go back a thousand years, & really be in ancient Britain: the Songs are all Church-musick, & in every one of ye Choru��'s Mrs Chambers sung ye chief part, accompanied with Roarings, Squawlings & Squeakations dire; the Frost Scene is exce��sive fine; the first Scene of it is only a Cascade, that seems frozen; with the Genius of Winter asleep & wrapt in furs, who upon the approach of Cupid, after much quivering, & shaking sings the finest song in the Play: just after, the Scene opens, & shows a view of arched rocks coverd with Ice & Snow to ye end of ye Stage; between the arches are upon pedestals of Snow eight Images of old men & women, that seem frozen into Statues, with Icicles hanging about them & almost hid in frost, & from ye end come Singers, viz: Mrs Chambers, &c: & Dancers all rubbing their hands & chattering with cold with fur gowns & worsted gloves in abundance; there are several more beautiful Scenes; but rather than describe 'em, I ought to beg pardon for interrupting your happine��s so long, and conclude myself.
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Submitted 2013-12-27T21:58:35.000Z
Type Experience
place London
agent Thomas Gray
Subject performance of 'King Arthur'
is_reported_in Letter from Thomas Gray to Horace Walpole, 14 Jan 1736
time 13 January, 1736