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is_reported_in Diary of Frances Burney, May 1775
time May, 1775
has_evidence_text We have had a charming Concert.... Mr. Jones, the harper, began the Concert. He has a fine instrument of Merlin's construction; he plays with great neatness and delicacy; but as expression must have meaning, he does not abound in that commodity. After him, at the request of the Baronness Deiden, Mr. Burney went to the harpsichord. He played with his usual successful velocity and his usual applause. When he had received the compliments of the nobility and gentry, my father begged the Baronness to take his place���. The character she has acquired of being the first of lady harpsichord players...is well merited. She has a great deal of execution and fire, and plays with much meaning..��� When she had played a Lesson of Schobert's��� [she] rose, and gracefully gave her place to my sister, who, to avoid emulation, with great propriety chose to play a slow movement of Echard's, because the Baroness had been playing music of execution. She could not, however, have chosen any thing, by which she could have given more pleasure; for it is a lesson which is almost unequalled for taste, elegance, and delicacy, and she played it with so much feeling and expression, that the whole company listened with delighted attention. She afterwards played a very difficult lesson of my father's; but she was so much flurried, that she neither did that nor herself justice. After this, we had a song from Miss Louisa Harris. She has little or no voice; but sings with great taste and in a high style. She was accompanied by her father, and sang some recitative and an air of Sacchini's, which were never printed; but we remembered having heard him sing them: the music is beautiful���. She afterwards sung a most charming Rondeau of Rauzzini's, from Piramo and Thisb��: Fuggiam dove secura. Then followed the great Feast of the night, which was M��thel's Duet for two harpsichords by Mr. Burney and my sister. They played delightfully. It is impossible for admiration to exceed what the company in general expressed. The Lakes in particular declared they had never heard Music before���. The Concert finished by another song from Miss Louisa Harris, for they all agreed that no instrumental music could be attended to, after such a duet....
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