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is_reported_in Diary of Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell Bury, 8 April 1815
time April, 1815
place Genoa
has_evidence_text I went with Lady Glenbervie to a Signor di Negri, one of the nobles of Genoa. He is a poet, an improvisatore, and a musician���. Signor Negri improvis��d at our request. It was the first time I ever heard verse poured forth in spontaneous numbers���.I admired his talent, though I did not think his subject well chosen. He played well on the harp���. I do not think he excels in any of the accomplishments he professes, but he loves them all with the ardour peculiar to his country���.What a pity it is that those who are endowed with the mechanical power of skill in small things, often lack the enthusiasm and feeling which others, who have less handicraft and head, possess in such a pre-eminent degree. Lady C. C[ampbell] sang a Scotch song to him in return, which he did not much care for, because the words were not particularly fine, and he regards music only as the vehicle of poetry.
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