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Property Object
impact This has been presented to new stakeholders, with a view to further development
available 2015
type Computer model/algorithm
Type Output
Label Auto-segmentation
Description Auto-segmentation software converts pixels in a picture/photograph (bmp, jpeg, gif, png, tiff file formats) into vector paths that can be used to drive a bespoke printing machine. The printing machine utilises an implement, such as a paintbrush, to automatically make marks on a page using inks or paints. Although the software automatically segments an image into print layers and predetermines stroke marks, the user can adjust many different settings to refine the printed output. The auto-segmentation method analyses and converts pixels into vectors. The algorithm automatically separates the image into coloured layers. The layers are determined by visual properties, specifically edge strength, texture direction, x/y pixel adjacency, and hue/saturation/ brightness. The auto segmentation method has been developed using Processing 2, an open source programming language and development environment. *You will require Processing version 2 to run our program. A free download can be found at:
Title Auto-segmentation

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The development of novel inkjet inks Output