Cultural Intermediation Touchtable
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impact At present this is a demonstrator, though has the potential for further deployment in collaboration with external partners as part of a follow on grant.
available 2016
type Software
Type Output
Label Cultural Intermediation Touchtable
Description This is a platform for building apps for touchtable computers designed for public display in museums and galleries. The developers, Museum Games, were commissioned to create a platform where non-specialists/non-programmers could upload content relating to a specific project or organisation for display on a large touchtable. The platform is based on CSV tagging of images with particular themes and content which is then used to generate an interactive display around the themes within the data users have inputted into the software. This is a major advance on previous touchtable interfaces which have required the intervention of a programmer whenever new content needs to be added.
Title Cultural Intermediation Touchtable

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Cultural intermediation: connecting communities in the creative urban economy Output