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impact Prior to publication of the database much samian analysis was being undertaken without access to vital resources and expertise. The database provides an authoritative and easily searchable mechanism to support researchers who are often working in isolation. As such, it has raised standards within samian training and recording. Access to the results of the programme and the projects that it has inspired has had a significant impact on the commercial sector.
available 2008
type Database/Collection of data
Type Output
Label Felix Oswald Database
homepage http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/~aczsamia/database/index.php
Description Felix Oswald, an early pioneer of Roman pottery studies in Britain, established a collection of samian ware from his excavations at Margidunum (Nottinghamshire) and also acquired a substantial collection from the French antiquarian Albert-Edward Plicque. The bulk of Oswald's collection was donated to the University of Nottingham (the remainder to the University of Durham) and the collection constitutes a major, yet underused, resource for Roman pottery studies. By recording, digitising and databasing the decorated/stamped sherds we created a searchable resource that is freely accessible to all researchers. This was publicised widely through the network.
Title Felix Oswald Database

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Future Research and Collaboration in Samian Studies: new directions for curators and researchers. Output