Last Statues of Antiquity
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impact Large number of inquiries about the structure and construction of our database. The database is widely viewed as a model - in terms of simplicity of use, and depth of information provided. It receives some 500 hits a month with over 42% being returning traffic. Emails from colleagues, and verbal praise confirm the database's success.
available 2012
type Database/Collection of data
Type Output
Label Last Statues of Antiquity
Description Database of 2,700 inscribed statue bases and items of statuary from the period 280-600. Since the end of the project, 200 further entries have been added to the web-database (which receives about 400 hits a month). The entries in the database have been maintained regularly since the end of the grant period.
Title Last Statues of Antiquity

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The Last Statues of Antiquity Output