Composite Material
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Property Object
Protection Protection
impact The new company (ALUSID) has generated employment for 3 people full-time and 3 part-time. The products developed by the company have been shortlisted for 3 awards: Times Higher Education - Innovation in the Arts Award 2015 Mixology North Design Awards - Winner of the 'Product of the Year' category. Homes & Gardens 2016 Designer Awards - Innovation category
Type Output
Label Composite Material
Description The development of a composite material made from no less than 97% recycled ceramic, glass and mineral waste. The material has application as a sustainable alternative to natural stone architectural surfacing materials, with the added advantage that it can be formulated in almost any colour. The material has zero manufacturing waste and can be fully recycled at end of life.
Title Composite Material

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Subject Property
Design to Manufacture: Realising the creative and commercial potential of a unique aesthetic 'Eco-material' Output