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impact I am currently in the process of extracting information from key HM Treasury officials about the impact of the September 2015 workshop on planning for the June 2016 referendum. Initial feedback from the workshop indicated that it was appreciated by civil servants, who found it improved their knowledge of the context of the last European referendum. The preparations for the workshop and the discussion which followed has influenced two articles both to be published in March 2016: David Thackeray, 'Selling a new deal in Europe: what the yes campaign can learn from 1975' (to be published by The Conversation) David Thackeray, 'Planning for the referendum and after: lessons from 1975' (to be published by History and Policy)
Contribution History and Policy supported the administration of the workshop, liaising with HM Treasury and drawing up a list of invitees working in closely related fields in HM Treasury, the Cabinet Office and Foreign Office.
Contribution Organised a History Lab at HM Treasury in September 2015 with Richard Toye on the lessons of the 1975 EEC referendum for policy-makers involved in planning for the 2016 EU Referendum. This focused in particular on civil service planning for a Brexit in 1975 using evidence from the National Archives. We are planning follow-up events for 2016-17 connected with Britain's historical relationship with Europe. With colleagues I have also recently set up a Global Economics and History Forum with History & Policy, which HM Treasury is keen to be involved with.
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Date 2014-01-01T00:00:00.000Z
Name United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (UK)
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Description History & Policy; HM Treasury collaboration

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