Data relating to Andean textiles
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type Database/Collection of data
Type Output
Label Data relating to Andean textiles
Description Around 30 different spreadsheets, including descriptions of the general terminology and concrete textiles in terms of their type, size, form, color, iconography, structure. Two of the key spreadsheets are ProductoTextil which stores information about the different known textiles - "the register"; and Vocabulary which contains a complete set of permissible words or phrases that can be used in the register (excluding numbers and free-text descriptions) - "the vocabulary". The information in these spreadsheets has been encoded within the ontology, which is included within the knowledge base system developed by the project. As an intermediate representation, between the spreadsheets and the digitized ontology, an intermediate representation was also produced in the form of a set of visual diagrams (Y-Maps).
Title Data relating to Andean textiles

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Weaving communities of practice. Textiles, culture and identity in the Andes: a semiotic and ontological approach. Output