Dalziel Archive Photography
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impact This photography has only just being completed. It is currently being uploaded to the British Museum's online database, but is not yet publicly viewable to any significant extent. Therefore this item is not yet at the impact stage.
Label Dalziel Archive Photography
Description As part of my project, I managed the photography of every page of the Dalziel Archive, amounting to approximately 16,000 high quality tiff images. These were taken by photographers at Sylph Editions, who are collaborators in the project. I negotiated with the British Museum and Sylph Editions to ensure all parties have appropriate rights to the images. Copyright is with the photographers, the museum has full exclusive and non-exclusive rights, and I have been granted a licence to use the images for all editorial purposes, in any general, academic or internet publications. The images will also be freely viewable online, and anyone can download and use high-quality tiffs for open access purposes, under a creative commons license.
Title Dalziel Archive Photography

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Wood Engraving and the Future of Word-Image Narratives: The Dalziel Family, 1839-1893 Output