Know Your Bus: mobile engagement space
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impact There are few tangile impacts that are more marked than parking an HGV at a public community event, and opening it up to people.
available 2014
type Improvements to research infrastructure
Label Know Your Bus: mobile engagement space
Description We converted a mobile-teaching unit into a mobile engagement space. This is an HGV, which was refurbished and re-decorated as a mobile space for digitisation, exhibitions, film-showings, and any and all other forms of interaction with community partners and the general public and schools. As well as being equipped with basic a/v it has the capacity to host a variety of other equipment, and has its own power and water sources. Crucially, we are also able to make tea and coffee, and so lubricate the processes of interaction and engagement with publics.
Title Know Your Bus: mobile engagement space

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Know Your Bristol On The Move Output