Impact and Knowledge Exchange Resource
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impact The resource is being used in researcher training at Oxford. There is interest in developing it further from both Social Sciences and Digital Humanities.
available 2015
type Improvements to research infrastructure
Label Impact and Knowledge Exchange Resource
Description This is a web-based resource intended for doctoral students, early career researchers, and other researchers who want to develop their understanding of knowledge exchange and research impact, as support in learning about KE paths and impact outcomes at different stages of the research process. It also aims to support research trainers and facilitators, as a source of teaching materials and ideas to be used flexibly in any courses they provide on KE and research impact in the social sciences. The main aim of this site is to support career development in ways that are both respectful of the values of those involved in research and knowledge exchange, and open to innovation and diversity.
Title Impact and Knowledge Exchange Resource

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Developing Innovative Methods for Configurative Capture of the Cultural Value of Arts and Humanities Research Output