Jane on working in partnership with the OU (4/9)
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Published 2008-07-30T15:53:38.000Z
Download http://www.youtube.com/embed/__nWYfURe9U
url http://www.youtube.com/embed/__nWYfURe9U
Locator http://www.youtube.com/embed/__nWYfURe9U
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Label Jane on working in partnership with the OU (4/9)
Title Jane on working in partnership with the OU (4/9)
homepage Re9U
Description Free learning from The Open University http://www.open.ac.uk/openlearn/ --- This video shows a project developed from The Open University's Young Applicants in Schools Scheme (YASS) which has been running since 1996. Students in Year 12 in the UK are offered the opportunity to study a range of Level 1 courses with The Open University. Jane Browne is the Director of Sixth Form at Greenwood Dale School, Nottingham. (part 4 of 9) --- More about the OU's YASS (Young Applicants in Schools Scheme) programme http://www.open.ac.uk/yass ---

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