BSc (Honours) Nursing Practice
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Awarded by The Open University
Same as Nursing Practice
Dataset Qualifications
Of BSc (Honours) Nursing Practice
Has pathway Nursing practice degree standard pathway
Code Q53
Name BSc (Honours) Nursing Practice
Label BSc (Honours) Nursing Practice
Title BSc (Honours) Nursing Practice
Award level Undergraduate
Level Undergraduate
Min award points 360
Alternative Nursing Practice
Comment If you’re a practising registered nurse, you can gain this honours degree while cultivating a person-centred approach to your work with patients, their carers and families.
Description If you’re a registered nurse, the BSc (Hons) Nursing Practice offers a practical way to take your career forward – enabling you to step up to an honours degree while continuing to earn. Its flexible, modular approach is designed to meet the needs of nurses working across a range of settings and specialities, in both the NHS and independent sectors. Study options focus on key areas for contemporary nursing – leadership; ageing and the life course; and public health. As you study, you’ll reflect critically on your own practice; cultivate a person-centred approach to work with service users, their carers and families, and explore how your learning can contribute to evidence-based practice improvement. By the end of your studies, you’ll have enhanced your professional expertise to meet the complex challenges of contemporary health care practice.

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