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Job title Staff Tutor&Snr Lecturer
Research overview <p>My formal background is in Anthropology (with a first degree in&#39;World Arts and Cultures&#39;) and Cultural Studies (with a PhD on radical environmental activism). My research interests lie in the area of radical environmentalism and direct action, particularly the use of the media in organizing and disseminating activism, and in the mediatization of environmental issues. Related to this, I have conducted a longitudinal study of Earth First! in the UK which formed the basis of my (unpublished) PhD thesis. Through teaching at a number of institutions, I have developed further interests in social science research methods, media and cultural studies and the politics and changing practices of teaching and learning in a digitized age.</p>
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Type Person
Label Dr Wendy Eleanor Maples
Family name Maples
Given name Wendy
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  • Wendy Maples
  • Wendy Eleanor Maples
Title Dr
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