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Type 'Thatcherism' - was it a distinct ideology? Also, the rise of thrift 'chic'. 'Thatcherism' - was it a distinct ideology? In the light of Margaret Thatcher's death, Laurie Taylor considers whether or not she had a coherent and radical philosophy which marked a rupture with a post war consensus crossing party political lines. In addition, he explores her impact on academic research and the universities. He talks to Robert Saunders, lecturer in Politics and History and co-editor of a recent book, 'Making Thatcher's Britain'. They're joined by Geoff Andrews, Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Studies. Also, media and cultural studies lecturer, Dr Tracey Jensen charts the rise of 'new thrift' projects in popular culture which promise to show us how to do 'more with less'. Austerity politics has, she claims, generated a range of TV shows, advice manuals and weblogs which have turned thrift from a means of survival into a chic, middle class, lifestyle choice. Producer: Jayne Egerton. 'Thatcherism' - was it a distinct ideology? Also, Laurie Taylor explores the rise of thrift 'chic' in an age of austerity.
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